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Motrin Ad Controversy and Social Media

Wow… Talk about stirring up one big headache for Motrin and controversy!

Recently, an Ad about relieving back pains aimed for mothers who carry babies was shown on YouTube. The manufacture, Johnson & Johnson, was trying to ride the web 2.0 social media wave and got burned.

We were always told to be controversial and add humor to get more traffic and more people viewing your Ad in YouTube. But this was headed in the wrong direction.

Yes, I believe people over-reacted in this situation. But hey, people are entitled to their opinion. And in these date and time, all advertisements need to be sensitive to how consumers will react.

This shows the power of the internet. The power of social media. One post, one tweet and it will spread across the digital divide with unimagined speed and results.

In the offline world and if it were in the before the web 2.0 era, it would have taken more time for consumers to have their voice and opinion heard.

Advertisers just underestimated the power of mothers everywhere. Johnson & Johnson pulled the Ad the next day! Talking about power.

Wonder how this will affect their pain medicines now…

See the original Motrin ad below:

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